Why call it an investment?

Memories made to cherish forever

The memories we capture on your wedding day will be forever frozen and watched, not only by you but also by generations to come

It's the moment when your grandma witnesses you walking down the aisle, the first kiss shared with your partner, and in a heartbeat, your dad's memories shifted from his little girl to the accomplished woman she's become.


Is the most important to us. We want to know YOU, go for a coffee, eat sushi/tacos, do zoom calls with you. We want to know your story, so we can be there for you every step of the way, and make your wedding day as amazing as it should be.


it can be super overwhelming and even "scary" to be in front of the cameras.
We are here to make sure you feel as easy as you can be. We will prepare you and guide you in every step.
Photos should be fun and we will make sure you have a goood time with us


We are here to capture YOU! your hugs, cries laugh your love and your story. Our goal is to create image that you will look at years from now and relieve not only how it looks but relieve how it feels for you and you families and friends in that moment


What is your photography style?

Every couple has their unique story and our first priority is to show real emotions, we combine two styles of photography:
-photojournalistic (documenting wedding day as it unfolds, when majority of photos are taken candidly)
-portrait (helping you how to position, looking for for best light and location)

What is your philosophy regarding photography?

We believe that contention is the most important, we don't want to feel like strangers on your wedding day.  We want you to  feel comfortable and relax in front of our camera. Like we said we don`t want only be your vendor we want to be your friend too and help with anything you  need

Who will be shooting my wedding?

You can definitely expect Jully or Alex on your wedding day with a 2nd photographer, but, most of the time we work together

How many imagines will we get?

A typical 8 hours wedding day has between 600 to 800 edited photos

How soon after the wedding would we receive all of the photos?

We take  6 to 8 weeks to deliver your online gallery

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes, we can provide insurance if your venue requests

Do you offer albums?

Yes, we have beautiful  designs that you can choose from